Patient Reviews

*“I came in with a lot of pain in my lower back, neck, and down my left arm. Family doctor told me the pain in my arm was my lunar nerve and it originated in my upper back and neck. Since coming in to Dr. Tom, most of my pain has been relieved and my range of motion has increased in my neck and shoulder. I am very pleased with my progress as is my family doctor.”

*“I’ve been to 3 Chiropractors in my life. Dr. Thomas is the best in my book. Dr. Thomas has my neck and back feeling great. Dr. Thomas is the best Chiropractor I’ve seen in my life.”

*"What symptoms did you come to this office for? Severe lower back pain and minimum mobility
What changes have you noticed since you started treatment? Less pain and more mobility over time
How has your service been in our office? Excellent
What do you like best about coming to Link? One on one Dr. patient communication and treatment tailored to the individual needs.
Success story? Through Link, mobility and pain has gone from severe to minimal if any."
Jarrad B.

*“What symptoms did you come to this office for? Sciatica (right side) was severe.
What changes have you noticed since you started treatment? Minimal pain
How has your service been in our office? Excellent, I’m not kidding!
What do you like best about coming to Link? Manipulations and friendliest atmosphere”
Shirley H.

*“I was in a bad phase when I came. I’m very happy to come to Dr. Wachtmann who helps me to get inshape. I’ve told other people about this place.”

*“I am athletic and full of arthritis from previous sports injuries. Dr. Wachtmann gives me great adjustments including my hands and feet! At age 55 I am able to run, jump, swim, and bike like I did 20 years ago! Dr. Wachtmann also has expert knowledge of common health elements and is able to offer simple, non-drug solutions!”

*“After only one treatment I felt great. My neck and shoulders are still good. Lower back is just starting to hurt after more than 2 weeks. I’m amazed. I think continued adjustments will make a significant difference in the way I feel.”

*“When I came here the first time I couldn’t turn my head. I was in so much pain I didn’t know what to do. My doctor said I needed surgery, but I wanted a 2nd opinion. After a couple of adjustments I felt like my old self again. I ride my bike 20 miles once a week, play with my son, and I didn’t have to miss work, all thanks to Dr. Tom.”

*“Prior to being treated here I had issues with my back that would keep me in pain constantly. I had trouble sitting or standing for extended periods of time, even holding my baby daughter for 10-15 minutes without experiencing pain in my back. Now after only a couple of months my pain is nonexistent and I have more flexibility. I’m glad I found Dr. Tom and came to him for treatment.”

*“I have been coming to Dr. Tom for over a year and I have made a drastic improvement from his therapy. I would highly recommend coming here.”

*“Thank you for a great experience for my first visits to a Chiropractor. After one visit I already felt a difference. Dr. Wachtmann walked me through what he was doing and why and made me feel at ease. After only 3 appointments my back is feeling back to normal. Thank you again!”

*“I love to play goalie in ice hockey. An injury was so painful that I had to stop playing this game for two years. I had MRIs done and saw sports injury doctors. No one could help me recover. Then I had my first ever Chiropractic visit with Dr. Wachtmann. He noticed immediately that my hips were counter-rotated. After six weeks of adjustments, my chronic pain went away completely. I now play hockey every week, pain free. And, I get adjusted every month!”

*“When I first came in the pain was so bad I was waking up every 2 hours in pain in my neck and head. I was taking 4 acetaminophen at every time the pain hit. Pain would hit while on the road and I would have to stop till pain subsided.

I now have a 100% turn around. I have no pain and I sleep all night. I’m now on time for work and able to work longer hours pain free.”
DF, truck driver

*“The reason for coming to the office was to receive Low level Laser Therapy by Dr. Tom Wachtmann for my low back pain. The pain in my back (tightness) has diminished and my energy level has increased. Without laser treatments, the pain in my back would have continued. In a year from now, I expect greater relief from my back pain. I have spoken to family and friends stating the improvement in my low back by being treated with the laser therapy”

*“The last couple of years, I’ve been having problems with the thoracic area of my spine. I’m a patient of Dr. Tom Wachtmann and he told me about the Cold Laser Therapy that he does, and I decided to try it. After 5 treatments, I started noticing how much better I felt. I’ve gotten more mobility and almost no discomfort. I highly recommend the procedure.”

*“I have suffered with a herniated disc for years until Dr. Tom put me on the computerized non-surgical decompression table. There was some immediate relief, but after several treatments, the chronic pain that I had been dealing with went away. Now I am doing the maintenance chiropractic care and have a much better all over healthy life.”

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